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A wise man once told me, “It's your decision to smoke or not.”
I say the same to all of you.

My passion for brand building has steered me into entering one of the most challenging arenas there is, "The Tobacco Industry."

Growing up, watching my grandparents in the fields growing tobacco has inspired me to take it as a passion of my own. From the very beginning, I was dedicated entirely to producing top-quality products, at whatever cost.

Indeed, I have spent several years searching for the right producers and brands, while sourcing our tobacco from various origins around the globe, making sure we remain unique and create distinguished products, which meet the highest standards worldwide.

Nonetheless, despite this desire, I have great hope for a smoke-free world in the future. Thus, we are developing new low-risk, nicotine-based alternatives that can replace your typical cigarettes, yet provide the same satisfaction and experience.


Atef Raef Hazime






08 October, 2022

Rebel Snus Sponsorship With US Supercross Racer Ryan Breece

“I’m excited to announce I will be representing Rebel Nicotine Pouches in Cardiff, Wales at the new World Supercross series! “Ryan Breece

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11 March, 2022

Tobacco International Inc suspends all product sales in Russia

In light of the current international sanctions imposed on Russia, American multinational company Tobacco International Inc. has stopped selling all of its products in the country.

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28 December, 2022

Rebel nicotine pouches are now available for purchase by consumers at one of the largest e-commerce Nicotine Pouches websites “”. Consumers can now buy a wide range of Rebel nicotine pouch flavours such as: Zesty Lime, Freeze Mint, and Ice Mint.

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05 October, 2022

Many people are naturally curious about what these small, all-white bags are and what they're used for. To summarize, nicotine pouches, also known as tobacco-free snus or nicopods, deliver nicotine, flavor, and scent to the user through the mouth

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13 May, 2022

Whether using e-cigarettes exclusively might curb risk remains unclear, researchers say, but combined use doesn’t look helpful.

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