Rebel, our premium global brand defies the norms, hence our motto Defy Ordinary. It steps up to make you indulge in and become part of the emotional journey behind the long-running Hazime family legacy that goes back to the 17th century. Thus, by engaging with our brand, you will be contributing to the Rebel story and ultimately be taking part in a global heritage yourself.

Our unique Rebel covers a wide array of tobacco products that meet world-class standards and reflect an old-fashioned taste, reviving the golden age of the Tobacco Industry. Additionally, our cigarettes are combined with hand-made cigars from the Dominican Republic to put extra emphasis on our dedication to premium quality. All in all, Rebel is born out of a deep-rooted passion that entails a sole message: allowing you to vividly sense both the texture and scent of what was once a tobacco leaf being cured by the sun's rays.

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