The story of where it


Our story does not stem from just any tobacco manufacturing vision; our story stems from a long-running tobacco family heritage that dates back to the 17th century...

Our American company is the harvest of a deep-rooted legacy envisioned by our Founder and CEO, Atef R. Hazime. From planting the seeds through the growing and ultimately curing of the tobacco itself, to the finishing touches of packaging and small details of manufacturing that result in the profound joy of smoking, Hazime is adamant about offering products that align with our company identity, Producing Emotion.

A Tobacco Family Man: From Growing To Manufacturing and Branding

Imagine a young boy brought up, early on, in a family that boasts a long-running, rich tobacco heritage. Imagine him going to a mesmerizing countryside scenery during summertime, waking up in the early morning, soaking up those beautiful sun rays, spending hour upon hour in the majestic, vast green fields, alongside his grandparents growing tobacco leaves, day in, day out. Imagine him savoring their scent and feeling their texture, to the extent that they have become embedded in his mind.

We all know that the memories you recall most are those made during childhood, for they are the most authentic and resonate with your true self. Thus, knowing all the ins and outs and the ropes of the tobacco-growing journey, from start to finish, ignited a passion in this boy’s soul, a passion that will have him admire the Tobacco Industry to the point of taking it upon himself, with every fiber of his being, to extend his family legacy and share it with the whole world.

Indeed, this passion steadily started growing bigger and the admiration fonder, and so the little boy grew up to be an avid tobacco branding and manufacturing devotee. Setting his sight on making history by creating his own tobacco manufacturing company, he threw himself into the workings of this field and went on with exploring the many different farms in all the different regions. Eventually, he managed to come out on top and has successfully become a pioneer in the Tobacco Industry; this man is the prominent entrepreneur, Atef R. Hazime.

Our Business

The American multinational company, Tobacco International Inc., ensures efficient manufacturing mechanisms that do not include heavy processing in the production of its products. We vigilantly operate as per the highest modern standards in the industry, and we are adamant about the supervision of each phase of the manufacturing process. Our company has warehousing in 3 continents and is planning to expand its capacity to keep a stable supply chain.

With the aim of providing the optimal result, Tobacco International Inc. cooperates with leading tobacco manufacturers and prominent companies in the industry. We ensure meticulous performance and diligent supervision of all the mechanisms and countless steps that come into play.

Tobacco International Inc. works closely with an employee-owned tobacco products manufacturer acclaimed for its extensive expertise in tobacco processing. Based out of North Carolina, it brings to the table its excellence in product development, state-of-the-art technology that ensures the highest quality, and a first-rate performance in developing blends. Our global company also cooperates with an internationally acclaimed brand-building company that is renowned for tobacco pipe craftsmanship dating back to the 18th century. The company has built several internationally recognize and award-winning brands in various FMCG and industrial sectors. Its expertise lies in product development, marketing, and route-to-market strategies.



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